Coupled up and what they wear: Academy Award 2012

Hello lovelies!!
How was your weekend ? did you watch the Oscars last night? I personally didn't because i was out having the best time with friends since the it was the last day of Carnival and in Greece we have this thing where everybody go out and eat, drink and dance around  bonfire. Its amazing as each year and i dressed up as my lovely Amy Winehouse (R.I.P). Enough, I have seen a lot of posts on best dressed and Worst dressed and i love to cheer what the starlight couples are wearing and who my favourite is.
Vic in Her own Victoria Beckham dress and David in a Dior tuxedo at the Vanity Fair After party

The Becks and the Cruise.
 Ok lets face it, this couple is my fave ever and i really love them together and they both look stunning here. Don't you agree?
Katie in a navy blue Elie Saab and Tom in a navy blue suit.
They also look good together and smiling, I love Katie new fringe Do.
George Clooney in Armani tux and Stacy Kiebler in a Marchesa   dress

Even tough they seem a great couple, what was she or her stylist thinking when they were picking up the Dress? Someone tell her to change please? its the Oscar she is going to, in my opinion something is not right with the outfit at all.
Miley in Roberto Cavali and Liam in a tux. 
Dare I say, She looks glamorous and so fresh and beautiful.
Love, love them together, she is outstanding and just breathtaking Liam is too.

There are so many other couples too, but my picks are these above, but since am feeling so much love right now and very glad for your all my lovely readers, i might as well be a good girl and share all the other coupled up pictures with you, if by some chance you missed the Oscar just as i do myself, see what they are all wearing and leave a comment on your  top Couple. I love you all for your love and support to my blog and believe me I really  mean this, never thought I will have these much people reading my rambling on the blog when i started.
Love the tail , but NO for the hair, it wreck the outfit.

Bling bling?

Award winning  Colin firth and wife.
She is also nicely dressed

Flawless, she is stunning.

Too much skin? what do you say?

Will do ? maybe



 Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy
 Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, hmmm

 Award winner Meryl Streep in Gold

 Natalie Portman in Vintage Dior and Benjamin Millepied

 Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

OMG!!!! (not in a good sense)

Lovely blue colour, not sure about the dress

 Emerald Green its is for nominee Viola Davis.

I will do my homework on the Oscar and come up to share with you the trends both on make ups and fashion.
Kisses my Lovelies
Pictures are from PerezHilton's and edited by me.


  1. Hi sweety, great couple style post! I hadn't seen one like this. Both Kates (Hudson and Beckinsale) looked amazing here

  2. I watched and loved the red carpet the best as I usually do. I really loved Jessica Chastains dress :)

  3. Victoria και Kate ήταν οι πιο όμορφες πιστεύω :)

  4. The beckhams I love! I have also developed a full blown crush on Jean Dujardin...he's such a DILF!!


  5. I love the blog, girl!!! It's fabulous! Such a fresh take on things (c: Love all the fashion greatness that comes out of the Oscars!!!

  6. okay seriously,i want victoria's dress like nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. Such a stunning couple!!

  8. I love them!! SO HOT!!I am now following you! Come check out my blog and ideas! xoxo MUMU

  9. Very much the pair David Beckham and Victoria Beckham is pleasant, it as always is ideal, Also I adore brutal Jason Statham and sexual Rosie Huntington. Fine post!!!


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