Another award for me and music plus award for you

Hello My dearies!!

How is your week so far? mine was great and am so happy after 4and half years of University, since i had a gap year Erasmus experience to the United Kingdom, which i did not regret for a second, i advice any university student to take that opportunity and go out to any EU country , you will live to remember the experience.
Oh lets go back to the post , shall we?
This post is possible thanks to my lovely blogger friend Daphne from the blog for giving my blog another lovely and musical award  " I love music and I love your blog"
And as always this also come with a couple of rules:

The rules are simple, I must choose my 5 favorite songs and then my turn to give theaward to other 10 blog!

 So buckle up and get ready to dance , good hearing! :)
1. My love and the only man i wanna marry lol, Trey's top of the world is stuck in my head at the moment , i love the message, lyrics and of course TREY!!!
2.Firstly i will say RIP, Tupac is the artist i grown up hearing and i will always wonder why he has to die such a sudden death, even though he is dead his music is still alive and will always be, this specific song has been my companion during very difficult times of my life. So divas Keep you head and heels high!!
3. OK here i can't say much am so glad for her voice coming back, but please Adele don't leave the music scene, a voice like yours should be heard always
4. Another Trey's One love, Love your neighbours as thyself, and spread the love!!!!
5. I love this song and i love alot of her songs, but unfortunately i can only share 5 with you in this post.
So my lovelies am going to narrow up to 10 other blogs, if your blog is not mentioned don't mind, you can still   share with me your fave songs, i will really love to know and remember i wished i can give this award to you all. Love you all very much
Now here are the 10 bloggers am giving this to:
So my dears, here we are and so waiting for your posts too!!
Oh and i can't wait for London Fashion week starting tomorrow, coming up post  on NYFW 


  1. thank you so much hun and congratulations!

  2. Thanks for following me ! aimee

  3. Congrats on your award! Thank you so much for including me on your list... 5 songs huh? There are just way to many to not include, know what I mean? Guess, when I write up my post i'll have to do current faves!

    1. can't wait for your post, and you are welcome dear

  4. congrats and i really love your blog! xx

  5. Συγχαρητήρια κοπέλα μου :)

    1. Euxaristw polu koukla mou, anupomonw na dw kai to post sou

  6. Thank you so so much gorgeous!!!
    I love "someone like you" as well!!!!
    I'll post my favorites tomorrow! xx

    1. You are welcome agapi
      i love your post too

  7. big kiss to u hun,thanks and congrats for the award.

    1. You are welcome hun, looking forward for your post!!


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