Adele: Grammy's and Vogue USA interview

Can't bear to start again with the classic and somewhat boring "hello lovelies"
Happy belated Valentines to all of you, single, married, heartbroken and independent ones here, I am not getting much into the Valentine thing because personally I believe we should show our love to the people around us every moment and chance we get , because every moment is valuable and we never know what might happen next, SO SPREAD YOUR LOVE AT ALL TIME.

So to get back to the aim of this post my dear readers (Gosh i sound official ), I have been speculating Adele's Career as a singer from the very start, I love the fact that she can really SING, if that's not even an understatement. I was meaning to have  a post about her since I was stuck with most of the songs on her 21 album on my head on a daily basis since its been out.

After watching her on the Grammy's, receiving 6 Grammys and also performing , oh I love her speech on the album of the year Grammy if I recall, hearing about her surgery and all, oh and don't let me forget Karl Lagerfield calling her "Fat", which personally I believe in a sense he is right but at the bottom line she is not a model but a singer and even though the media is putting out messages about superstar/ popstars that are like models , I still love her and her Voice and her attitude of showing to everybody that as a singer your first priority is your Voice , don't get me wrong , singers too should be healthy and fit, but lets be real, beauty doesn't only comes in size 5 or size 0.
Enough said, and am so sorry with my rattling, I will share with you the lovely , stunning and Beautiful editorial pictures of Adele on the US Vogue and for those of you like me that really want to read the whole interview here you go.( Vogue )

And dears don't  forget to tell me your opinion of Adele as general and do you also think she is too fat? Don't you love her Armani Gown at the Grammys and what do you think of her performance?

Pictures from VOGUE and modified by me
XoXo and Love you all!!


  1. your awesome! followed right back - I am excited for your next post!

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  2. i love adele. i am a new follower. follow back?

  3. Love her!!!! So beautiful and talented!!!!!

  4. I love her. She's gorgeous and so talented.

  5. Oh I saw her on Grammy's. She was absolutely stunning there, especially when she sang Rolling In The Deep. Glad to hear her beautiful voice again. She sounded like she didn't undergo surgery. I was more glad when she won a lot of awards... Anyways, thanks for popping over my blog. Yeah sure we can follow each other. I'm following your now. Hope to see u on my GFC. :)

  6. I think you already know my opinion of her, she is AMAZING!

    Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed and lucky you! You got to meet the lovely peeps last year!

  7. Adele looks amazing on this cover, it would be cool if we could follow each other, i am now following you via google. thank you for the comment you left on my blog, sorry it has taken me o long to get back to you! Have a great day and please visit again.

  8. you are soo cute ;)
    see you..

  9. Really nice post Naomi! I totally agree with you on that size issue. It is good to be healthy, and skininess is NOT for everyone. I see some people who would look a lot better with a bit of weight.
    The editorials are also breathtaking....Thank you for sharing


  10. She is a godess!!I love her and her voice.Nice post,i like your blog:-)


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