My E.L.F. shopping bag

Hello Everyone!!
How was you weekend and are you mentaly ready for the week ahead?
My week is gonna be great since am having my first Indoor race Competition on Saturday in Athens and for me Athens also means getting to Shop at Monastiraki, the mall and my amazing Golden Hall, i wish we have all those beautiful stores in Ioannina, but anyway right now am sharing with you some product i bought from E.L.F. which i received on Thursday, that was fast .
Taking its my first order and the first time am buying their products which i will review in details later after using them all, so i can do them justice, but here are they and my first impressions about them:


So this one is the DUO mascara, i bought just to try and to honest, it is ok for its price but i am not at all impress, and it feels to me like i paid for the case and brush, like its empty or something.
The eyelid primer i have use only once and i am impress, i like it so this one i am review it details when i try it again next time and that next time will be very soon.

This stick looks useful, but i haven't try it yet , so you have to wait my lovelies
Ok so this one is my favorite, i love keeping my brushes clean after each use and this is very helpful and smells so nice and get the work done quickly and easily!!!! Elf Crush!!!
The lipliner is very smooth and am loving the colour, more coming on this too.
The eyeliner, hmm i still can't say much , but i like the colour, lets wait and see together how it will turn out.
This one is the cutest , i love the smell and the applicator brush that comes with it , i will review this , even though my baby sister already claimed it. 

I think that is all for now my lovelies and share your opinion if you have used any of this products!!
and of course don't forget my Giveaway  and enter, the ring is already here and packed ready to be sent to the lucky winner which will be chosen on the 11 of feb, after midnight at
Kisses my dears , love you all!!!!


  1. I'm definately buying the brush cleaner next time!

    I love your blog!!

    1. Thank you very much dear!!! Oh you should totally buy it very good product!!

  2. this lipgloss looks so great! love your purchases!

    1. Thank you Joan and yes the lipgloss is great!!

  3. great post! i will be waiting your review fot the stick ( no.3 )

  4. These look like some really good products. Would like to try the eyelid primer, sounds useful

    1. Even tough the official review is coming soon, i think the primer is so worth it and you should try it dear!!


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