Have a Fabulous and Relaxing Weekend

Hello Divas
am so sorry for my absence, but i am so freaked with exams preparation, and will be till mid Feb. after exams, when i will have more time for my blog, and for you all.
Be anticipating alot of post then am doing my research and getting materials.
So how was your week my lovelies? you definitely don't wanna be bored with mine, its been so freezing here in Greece, which is quite awkward because the tempature is been like -10 and due to the humidity it feels like -30 or something and for me as for as i can remember this is the coldest it ever got since i have been here in Greece.
So, since today is Friday and i will love to wish you all a great weekend, whether you are relaxing or partying the weekend hard i will love for you to take the baeuty in this images am sharing with you and make you weekend the best one.
Love you all for your support , i won't be here without you, really appreciate.
So here we go enjoy, and if you have any suggestion for my forthcoming post, something you want me to add to my research list or you personally want to ask me , don't hesitate to list it in the comment or even email me.

All Images are from Tumblr
Stay Bless


  1. love the pics! so cool you're in greece! I'm in scotland pretty cold here too :) xxx

    1. Thank you dear for your lovely comment!!!


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