Robbed but still Rich

Hey Divas & Gents
Happy Holiday and merry Xmas, hope you all enjoyed your Holidays with loved ones and expecting the new year with expectations , joy, plans and precious time with loved ones!
My Xmas was very pleasant considering my mum cooked a lot as always , we had a bunch of fun with friends that are studying in other towns / and abroad but are home for the holiday and we all making the most of this moment we have before we all head back to our busy and consuming lifestyle.
With all the fun and celebration going on , there come a very bad news from my country Nigeria, there was a disastrous bomb blast in churches in my country and this brings out some sourness to my happy Xmas mood, and then i realize no matter how sad I get or even mad about this , it won't change a thing all I need to do is pray for all those people that loose their family , friends, or even neighbor to be comforted and God to strengthen them, because it will never be the same for them ever again, they will always celebrate Xmas , with the remembrance of their loss.
  But at the end of all this thinking (too much thinking you might say considering), I also realize we all or at least most of us have gone through one thing or another that changed our life totally, that we all thought that is the end of it all, 
but it wasn't because one way or the other we survived,even though we aren't the same anymore but WE DO SURVIVE.
So as we are moving to the New  year  remember , this is not the end of your story . There's a call out for you to do something new and something Original, you are needed and not just there for nothings sake, somebody needs you desperately and without you its not going to be the same .
No matter how 2011 passed and what went on this year, 2012 is your new chance, the second chance you needed and wanted, SO GRAB IT AND MAKE IT WORTH IT .
let's the ride begins with you been BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, READY AND SET FOR ALL CHALLENGES.

Outfit for Xmas Family Lunch.

My make up is a Green and Red theme Xmas one.closing my eyes here hoping you can see the green eye shadow. I love red lips , but i believe they really aren't for me because i have very huge lips and with red lipsticks they look even bigger, do you agree?  what do think generally of red lipsticks?

Coat : Next U.K

hey i was supposed to make a post about my Xmas themed nails and maybe still will but since they are here, do you like the Xmas Candy nails?

Shades: Rayban, Scarf worn as turban : Gift from a friend.

When you just finished a good meal with friends and family . Everybody deserve your smile, its free so give it gladly.
Necklace : from  a retro shop in London,

Dress: Dorothy Perkins,  Clutch:Fullah  Skondra

Boots: Tsakiris Mallas Greece

all photos taken my amazing little sister , during a stroll after lunch to the city main square.


  1. Nice look! I was, too, very sad to hear about Nigeria. Couldn't believe someone would to that on Christmas... My thoughts go out to everyone who this dramatic event touches. xoxo

  2. Gorgeous style and stunning coat! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear the bad news, but with each day, it's a new beginning! I'm sure 2012 will be a better one!

  3. @Silvertigo, thank you very much , hope you had a wonderful xmas.
    Thank you too for passing by @Brit Greek, yes there is always a new beginning and i pray 2012 will bring new things to all of us.



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